Santa's Letters Make the Magic of Christmas Real

There’s no other figure that children love like Santa Claus. Santa is Christmas personified, traveling the world in his reindeer-drawn sleigh and making children’s wishes come true. A letter from Santa puts that magic in your child’s hand and makes the enchantment of Christmas real.

You’ll see your child glow when you show them the envelope. Addressed to them personally and written by Santa Claus himself, they will feel like the most special boy or girl in the world—because they are.

The letter inside is painstakingly personalized so that each child knows it was written just for them. Different children can receive different letters so that no two are alike. And every letter is a beautiful memento they can treasure, show to friends, and save for years to come.

Don’t miss this opportunity to bring Christmas magic to life for your child. Order a personalized letter from Santa today, so it gets there well in time for Christmas.

Want to see what the letters look like? Preview a personalized letter.