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Letters from Santa

Ready to surprise your child with a personalized Nice List Certificate from Santa? Order today and your letter package will be mailed by December 1! Not sure what your child wants? Download our FREE Christmas Wish List template!

Written By Santa creates beautiful, personalized letters from Santa that will light up your child’s holiday season. Each one arrives on heavy-weight, “parchment” style paper addressed to your child and signed by Santa Claus to help make their Christmas dreams come true!

Santa’s letters to children are thoughtful, personalized and individual. There isn’t just one form letter he sends to every child—each of your children can receive a different, unique letter! The letter can mention your child’s friend, their teacher, or even the toy they want to see under the tree. Preview our letters below and see how magical they are for yourself!

Have more than one child? Santa has multiple versions of letters so that each child may receive a different message.

Santa’s Letter No. 1

Santa knows you enjoy making Christmas memories. Order this special letter and save it for many Christmases to come!

Santa’s Letter No. 2

Santa loves seeing children behaving well. Mention the toy they want to see under the tree to motivate them to continue being good.

Santa’s Letter No. 3

Santa's elves are hard at work in the toy factory and his reindeer are ready to deliver presents to all the good boys and girls.

Santa’s Letter No. 4

In keeping with your family's tradition, Santa delivers gifts to all the good boys and girls that are not wrapped by Santa's elves.

Baby’s First Christmas Letter

A baby’s first Christmas is a special occasion. This letter is written specifically for the newest addition to your family!

Don’t miss this opportunity to bring Christmas magic to life for your child. Order your letter from Santa today!

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